The latest Project-News

The Graf Spee Message:
Admiral Graf Spee Enigma message

The Dönitz Message:
Enigma message from Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz

The Rasch Message:
We broke the "Third Message" of the "HMS HURRICANE INTERCEPTS"

The Enigma Message Breaking Project

The "Breaking German Navy Ciphers" Project was founded in 2012. The goal is to break original radio messages, which were encoded with the famous German ENIGMA cipher machine. Up to now, we've succeeded in deciphering over 60 original World War II Enigma I M3 and M4 messages. Many of these messages had never been broken before, so you can read them for the first time in history...

Image "Original Enigma Funkspruch (Nachricht) von U 534"
Original Enigma M4 radio message from U534